The 6 Main Elements of Good Email Signatures

The 6 Main Elements of Good Email Signatures

Emails are the fundamental means of communication in our professional lives. Now the professional world is getting creative day by day. So they are coming with new ways to promote their brand and interact with each other. The same has happened with email.

A large number of people use email signatures because it has tons of benefits. But if you fail to do it right, you can’t expect enough benefits from it.

In case you want to make it a part of your plan and don’t know how to do it right, this article is going to help you a lot. Let us dive a bit deeper into this topic and understand the ways to make good email signatures. Transform your email signature to give it a new look and let your business be known every time someone receives a mail from you. 

Try to keep it simple

Simplicity is vital to adding convenience to the user experience. There is a very popular saying called “Less is more”. This principle works even better when you are creating an ideal email signature. Filling up the email signature with too much information makes it overwhelming for the users and may get easily distracted. Most companies make it very clear to make the email signature simple and uniform. 

But don’t let your email signature lose essential information due to simplicity. No matter how simple the email signature is, make sure it has all the essential information for enabling the receivers to reach you. 

Minimise the use of colours

In many cases, people fill up the email signature with too many colours to make it attractive. Using such colours may be very much distracting for many users. If you think you can’t create good email signatures with minimum colours, you are wrong.

A large number of corporations don’t support more colourful email signatures. Some really nice email signatures can be created with just black and white. Remember a good email signature is created by the right design and font usage. 

The email signatures made in black and white seem more suitable if you are involved in the business of finance and law because this combination is often considered more formal. In the majority of cases, such email signatures are now being considered ultra-modern. 

Minimalist but good email signature
Minimalist but good email signature (Source)

Inclusion of social media

If you want to establish a business relationship with clients using your email, there is one thing you can do i.e. include social media contact information in the email signature. Make sure you have included the details of your professional social media accounts.

A good way is to review an account carefully before calling it a professional account. During that process, remove all the posts that don’t seem professional. It is a really important and effective way to establish contacts because a large portion of business people are engaged on social media. 

Give your email a corporate look

This tip works the best for those who are involved in the corporate sector. It is a must for such people to compose their email signatures to look more uniform and professional.

Including the logo of your brand is the best thing you can do in this regard. In the corporate sector, the email signature should follow several other norms as well. Here are some essential features of a better corporate email signature:

  • Confidentiality statement is a standard requirement for every email in the corporate world for most companies. 
  • You can limit the use of colours in your email signature to make it fit in the corporate sector. 
  • There must be a link to the official website of the company in good email signatures. 
  • The location of the main office of your company is often referred to as the primary requirement for such email signatures. 

Some countries in the world have governing business emails. You can take the example of the UK where specific businesses have to follow some rules in their business communication. Such rules may also be applied to email signatures. You may seek some professional help in this matter like consulting an attorney for more information, etc. 

Always try to get modern

When you are opting for a modern approach, it is more likely for you to fit in most brands. If you are enthusiastic about giving your email signature a modern look, you should be ready to incorporate the following tips here:

  • Use large texts in most cases.
  • You can either go for flat or even semi-flat designs. 
  • Always avoid calligraphy and other such fonts rather you should focus more on crisp and clean design. 
  • Must include some bold colour up to some extent and try to give your email signature an uncluttered look. 
Example of a personal good email signature
Example of a personal good email signature (Source)

Add personality by adding your photo

This is something that some people may like to include when they want to add some personality when creating good email signatures. Just like a business website or a guest blog post, including a photo makes it more noticeable. The photo that you upload should be according to the norm.

Avoid uploading selfies or any other photos expressing light moments. You should always prefer photos that generate a sense of professionalism. Take a look at these quick tips for better photo choices.

  • Be appropriately dressed and opt for formals in this case. 
  • Keep the dimensions of the image under control because larger images are quite big in size and take an unusual amount of time to load. 
  • Be more cautious about the background. A simple and pale background works the best. A bright or dark background often feels inappropriate. In case the background contains something, it may distract the readers. 
  • Headshots work better as compared to full body photos. 

Final words

Making good email signatures is not something very difficult. All you have to do is focus on basics of the modern-day trends. You can make this process even easier by using email signature templates.

Such a wise decision will give you enough abilities to customise your email signature and save time without knowing a thing about HTML and other such languages. 

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