Beginners Guide to Transactional Emails and Their Benefits

Beginners Guide to Transactional Emails and Their Benefits

There is a large number of media to help us connect with each other but email remains one of the most professional. The relevance and effectiveness of emails are above all. There is a very common form of email used mostly in businesses called transactional email.

In this guide to transactional emails, we are going to decipher essential concepts associated with it. So, let us get started.

What is a transaction email?

These emails are automated and there is one sender who sends these emails to a recipient. In the majority of cases, transactional emails notify the recipients about a commercial transaction or any other activity like that.

Transactional emails are generated to keep people informed about a large number of things like

  • Transaction receipt
  • Order collected
  • Order dispatched
  • Notifying people about events like shipping, etc.
  • New password set
  • Account changes

There are a lot more ways in which firms use transactional emails. But one thing is common in every use of these emails. Transactional emails work the best when you have to feed information individually based on specific needs.

This is a field where bulk emails won’t work like they do in email newsletters or marketing and advertising campaigns. And our guide to transactional emails is here for your help.

The importance of transactional emails

The importance of transactional emails has increased over the years. More people are engaged in online transactions or other transactions that are initiated and completed remotely. Think of your desperation when you are making payment while sitting at your home and you don’t get a confirmation in time.

Such situations will put people in a lot of trouble. That is the main reason why transactional emails serve as the backbone in most of our transactions and interactions online.

Transactional emails from Grill'd
Transactional emails from Grill’d

Major benefits of transactional emails

Taking this guide to transactional emails further, let us start talking about the benefits. The benefits of these emails are crucial to explain their utility for different people.

They have the highest open rates

People are now very sensitive about which email to open. With the increased use of smartphones, you can know about the content of emails without even opening them. This is the main reason why the majority of marketing and promotional emails are left unopened by people.

But you would be surprised to know that transactional emails have an open rate of up to 40-50%. In other words, you may assume that every one of two emails is opened by the target customers. This is the most important reason why you should feed your customers vital pieces of information through transactional emails.

Personalised touch

There are a large number of ways people receive emails. Very few of those ways are capable of serving people personally like transactional emails. There are several conditions that demand personalised messages.

Suppose you run an e-commerce business, hundreds of people order things online and their orders differ from each other in many ways. In that case, you need to notify those customers differently based on their orders and demands. Transactional emails work the best for such purposes.

Once you make the right arrangement and implement the software correctly, it will automate the overall process. The software will trigger specific messages based on particular orders of different customers.

The best solution for quick response

You may serve vital information to people on an individual basis in other ways as well but they might need extra time and effort. Some situations demand specific responses in almost no time. Think of the situation of a bank where thousands of people make transactions.

Those accounts and transactions are different in many ways. And the banks have to notify those people as quickly as possible. You will be able to

Promotes loyalty

It is a time when a large number of people have started to dislike promotional content. A transactional email is exactly what they are looking for. Since these emails are not promotional and completely lack commercial or marketing intent, people generally like such emails.

Other than generating short-term excitement, transactional emails are based on more profound core values i.e. building a mutual relationship with target customers.

Enhances engagement

Transactional emails are customised based on specific needs. When you start sending these emails one by one to your target customers, it makes them feel special. And this is a special treat indeed.

Over the past few years, transactional emails are working as the best way of inviting new customers towards your brand in a natural way. Promoting user engagement means you would be able to get into their minds easily.

Doing it accurately gives you the ability to formulate better strategies. As a result of that, you would be giving them what they actually need.

Monthly reporting email Publer
Monthly reporting email Publer

Very effective in improving sales

Almost all the benefits we have mentioned above mean a lot to the people. Be it specific mails, engagement-promoting treatment, etc. Every gesture you make through these emails is highly beneficial for increasing the sales from your brand.

When you start interacting with the target customers in such a special way, people will automatically be driven towards your official website to know more.

Keeps your customers reactivated

When a brand advertises about 50% off for a special sale, it won’t affect the sales in the long run. It is less likely that people will come back to the official website to check out during normal days. In order to be the usual choice of your target customers, you need to keep them informed on a regular basis.

You will be successful only when your recognition rises above the occasional needs, and email works best for this purpose. Transactional emails are very effective in letting your people know that you are there to serve their needs.

Final words

This guide to transactional emails has told you much more than just the basics. But one thing you have to keep in mind is your email remains transactional.

You are free to write whatever you want in those emails, make sure you avoid all those unessential elements that might make it a promotional email.

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