Effective Methods to Attain More Twitter Followers for Free

Effective Methods to Attain More Twitter Followers for Free

Twitter has become the ultimate social media website that caters to all users and has become the ultimate website for marketing and advertising among users and companies alike. Everyone using the website has become aware of the opportunity to market and advertise their products and services on the website and to do this they need to get more Twitter followers.

With free adverting on Twitter, it is no wonder that everyone is using this marketing tactic to benefit their businesses. Companies have finally realised the marketing potential that the website has to offer which means plenty of free marketing to the Twitter world.

The most common method that members use to attain more twitter followers is the method where by you follow as many people as you can and by doing this you put yourself out there for people to see you and it is almost guaranteed you will get users following you.

Example of a tweet (Twitter message)
Example of a tweet (Twitter message)

Users on Twitter are almost certain to follow other users as long as they can see that there are interests that may be shared between one another. This method would require the user to follow as many people of similar interests or groups. Therefor allowing more people to follow you.

While following people on Twitter is a long process, users can also market their Twitter information on other platforms, such as posting about it on your LinkedIn profile or even on your Instagram account, to attain more Twitter followers.

Simply forwarding a message or status update to your friends could spark a ton of followers as friends and family follow you. Word of mouth is also a fantastic way to make sure everyone knows about your Twitter account.

Among the many common, painstakingly long methods of achieving more followers you could also attempt the methods that not everyone perhaps knows about. These methods include purchasing gift cards and subsequently doing giveaways, or pay to have your Twitter account promoted to users, via Twitter advertising.

There are a bunch of different tools that allow you to schedule all of your tweets in advance, which can save significant time. Two that I have personally used, and regularly recommend to others, are Missinglettr and Publer.

Attain more Twitter followers using Missinglettr
Twitter scheduling calendar (Missinglettr)

The first one, Missinglettr, has a fantastic templating tool, to give your tweets a great look. Along with that, it has a very nice Twitter scheduling calendar view, such as the above.

Being on Twitter is also a great method for influencer outreach, as nearly every influencer has a presence there.

Final words

It is crystal clear that there are plenty of methods to benefit as well as help users to get more Twitter followers. Just remember to never do anything illegal by breaching terms and conditions and the most important point is to have fun while you do achieve your goal of getting more twitter followers.

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