Why Every Website Owner Should Set Up Google Search Console

Why Every Website Owner Should Set Up Google Search Console

Google Search Console was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. It is a collection of several SEO tools. Some of these tools work to serve you with essential data while the others are meant for reporting.

There is a wide range of things you can do with the help of it if you own a website. As the whole world is moving to the internet right now, SEO is playing a major role here. In a situation like this, it is very important to set up Google Search Console. Before we go further, let us talk about Google Search Console first. 

What is Google Search Console all about?

Google offers free services of many types to help people run and improve their websites. In order to make your website successful, you need to work constantly for its improvement. Necessary improvements can be made only if you get enough data from the users.

This free service lets you keep an eye on your website(s) and also troubleshoot it in time of need. Now we are going to talk about the reasons to set up Google Search Console. 

Setting Up Google Search Console
Setting Up Google Search Console

Why does the Google Search Console matter so much?

There are several reasons that made this tool so important. Being aware of those factors will let you make the most out of this amazing tool. Let us take a look at some amazing reasons why you should set up Google Search Console. 

It helps in enhancing the search appearance of your website

The best thing Google Search Console does is it gives you an idea about how your website appears on the search engine result pages. That piece of information will help you a lot in devising the right content marketing and SEO strategy for your business.

Studying the appearance of the website is the most crucial thing in SEO. Here is a short check to make sure everything is right with the appearance of your website. 

  • First check whether the meta description, titles and URL of your website are correct. 
  • After that, take a look at the site links to make sure they are working fine. 

While doing it, you should look at your website design with the eye of a customer. Think of how you want your website to look like as a user and then work on improving it. 

You can take care of the links very precisely

If you are familiar with the fundamentals of SEO, you must know that external linking is a parameter for search engines to rank your website. The Google Search Console lets you monitor almost every type of link associated with your website. You can get complete information about it like anchor text, linked pages of your website, etc. All such pieces of information will help you make the right link-building strategy

If you are making more links to good-quality sources, it would be really helpful for increasing the rank of your website in SERPs. When your website gets more links from different authentic sources, it will signal to Google about the value of content on your website.

The Google Search Console helps you track each and every link to your website and then take a look at it in detail. It will be very helpful in recognising new links, or any changes in the existing links, etc. 

You can make significant HTML improvements with it

Minor HTML errors are quite common in the world of websites but they may cost you tremendous loss in terms of traffic and other things. Once you set up Google Search Console, you can make significant HTML improvements to your website.

Things like adding meta descriptions, analysing the title tags, maintaining the right hierarchy of title tags, etc. become quite an easy task. In a correct hierarchy, the important topics always get high heading tags. 

Performance page on Google Search Console
Performance page on Google Search Console

Enables you to receive website messages

Examining every aspect of your website to pinpoint issues is quite a difficult task. Such an examination will require you to spend a lot of time on the internet. The Google Search Console will give you essential notifications whenever your site faces some issue.

Whenever there are security issues or crawling problems, the Google Search Console will notify you about it. This way, you become able to resolve the issues in time and maintain consistency. 

You can use the message forwarding feature of this tool and get all these notifications right on your email. Having got all the messages right in your inbox will let you get ahead of the issues most of the time.

Gives you insights into Google’s Indexing feature

Getting proper knowledge about Google indexing is a really important thing in SEO. After you have set up Google Search Console, you can use it to know more about Google’s index. It will help you know your websites that appear in Google’s results.

All your URLs can be monitored with the help of this tool and you can control the URLs that you want to be indexed or not. Getting enough information from the Google Search Console will help you a lot in avoiding unwanted URLs from being indexed by Google. 

Apart from this, you will also get information about your long tail keywords and other vital resources. Some resources on the website are blocked without you noticing it. You can unblock those resources to make your website better.

The knowledge about the keywords will help you a lot in making the right use of keywords for better SEO results of your website. Always keep an eye on the Google Search Console Index Overview Chart as it will give you important information about even the minor indexing changes. 

Final words

Website owners can never find tools like this and for free. Though it may take a bit of time to get familiar with all the features of this tool but you will get easier once you set up Google Search Console and start using it. 

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