What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimisation

What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation has become quite a common thing right because the internet has gone mainstream. The majority of things that we do on a daily basis make use of the internet. The things you get on the internet are chosen by the algorithms of the search engine.

Google search algorithms have gone through massive changes over the past few years and this is the main reason you should pay more attention to SEO these days. This will be your essential guide to search engine optimisation, in case you need to know more.

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques used to get your website to the SERPs (search engine result pages). The techniques used here are intended to make your web content stand far above the others. Constant use of SEO by different people has helped them all in increasing the quality of content available on the internet.

Search engine optimisation is highly focused on incorporating the demands of search engine algorithms. This will increase the visibility of your content. Now you have got familiar with the fundamentals of SEO. Let’s take a look at some essential facts that you should be aware of. 

Pillars of SEO: social media channels, links, and content

The first thing you should know about is the pillars of SEO. There are three major components making up SEO for the most part. We are going to elaborate on each of these topics in detail and then we will also discuss the effects of these things on your search engine optimisation efforts. 

Content is the most important one

Content lies right at the centre of all your SEO efforts. Almost all your efforts are implemented through content in SEO. Whether it be the inclusion of keywords or other things that are favoured by the search engine algorithms, all of them are incorporated in the content.

Since Google and all other search engines keep on penalising the low-quality content, constantly improving your content’s quality may help you a lot in getting better ranks. Content can be delivered in different forms. It can be visual, text, or audio-based. You can also use a combination of these forms in order to make reading fun for your audience.

Just keep in mind that the search engine has only one demand from creators which is good quality content. Better SEO skills mean delivering content in a way that the algorithms want. 

Links are significant however they should be genuine

The majority of the search engine algorithms consider links as an important factor to rank websites however there is a condition. These backlinks must be earned, paid links are not considered as a factor of authenticity.

Links are considered to be authentic only when an external person recommends your content. And getting links in this way is called earning links. Make sure your content is attractive and unique enough so that people from external sources like and recommend it. 

Power of social media for search engine optimisation

Social media platforms have now gone mainstream. Ignoring the potential of these channels is not a good thing for your search engine optimisation efforts. There is a wide range of social media channels available right now however you have to focus on those that may give you maximum benefits.

Several search engine optimisation specialists are of the mind that Twitter works the best in this case. That is why you should share more and more content on social media, as well as try to gain endorsements and reviews on Google and other platforms. Once you are able to use both these platforms in a perfect way, maximum SEO benefits will be ensured from this side. 

Google PageSpeed Insights can help your SEO
Google PageSpeed Insights

Better website speed will be really helpful

Apart from being cautious about the quality, search engines are very much focused on enhancing the user experience on the website. Speaking of convenience, the loading speed of your website. No matter how good content you have on your website, if it takes more than usual time to load, users will be irritated and the rank of your website will fall as a result of it.

You can correct this situation by making your website quick. Don’t upload images with large sizes as it affects the loading speed very badly. Apart from this, opt for a simplistic approach and don’t try to make your website too complex.

Also, responsive web design will help your website to be quick and also promote convenience to the users. If your website has a faster response time, it will decrease the bounce rate significantly. This will also promote social sharing of your website. Study the behaviour and composition of your website more precisely.

Once you have found out the elements that are slowing down your website, remove all of them without a second thought. 

Don’t focus too much on keywords

Several people just get carried away with the use of adding keywords everywhere. They become so serious about the usage of the keywords that the content loses its natural taste, and can sound ‘spammy’ or robotic. Such written content will never gather favourable feedback from the users.

So, you must consider humans first when you are writing articles/blogs. Only after you have succeeded in delivering your message in a natural way, you should incorporate the use of long tail keywords in the content. 

Increase your reliance on web analytics

When you are done with everything that you need in the beginning and things have got on track, you should set up a Google Search Console account, as well as start using Google Analytics in order to know the performance of key factors. There are a large number of different web analytics tools. Some of them, like Google Analytics are free while others are paid.

You can rely on any of them based on your convenience. However their use is a must as it gives you insights into all the essential elements of your search engine optimisation strategy. 

Summary of search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is not much of a big deal to understand if you are keeping up with the interests of your audience. Search engine algorithms will impact you negatively only when you are not playing by the rules. When choosing website building platforms, check to see how good their SEO support is.

We hope this article helped you get familiar with the fundamentals of search engine optimisation. All the best in eventually getting you started with it. 

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