A Guide to the Basics of a Successful SEO Campaign

A Guide to the Basics of a Successful SEO Campaign

If you sell online then you had better understand what an SEO campaign is. If you want your website to be noticed out there amongst the huge competition in the online world today, you’re going to need some help. This starts with covering the basics of SEO.

It’s a fact that all online entrepreneurs come up with various ways to get their own websites noticed. While there are many ways to do that, most of them prefer to utilise the most common and proven way to draw attention to their sites. That’s where an SEO campaign comes in.

What is an SEO Campaign?

When an Internet user needs to find information through the Internet, the first step he or she does is by entering one or more keywords on the search engine. The search engine then returns a list of websites that closely matches the specific keyword entered. It means that whatever information the person is looking for, it can be found on that list of websites provided by the search engine.

Mainly, the entrepreneur or online marketer would do a number of actions in order to have his or her own website on the search engine whenever a certain keyword is entered by searchers. The goal with an SEO campaign is to have their site on the first listing or at least be placed on the first page.

The logic behind this is, the higher its listing on search engines like Google, the more chance it will be visited by people. This is called search engine optimisation or simply SEO.

An SEO campaign is a basic method of getting websites visited by people. If you’re an online marketer, this would be your primary goal. You have to expose it out there where people can see because a website unnoticed is like leaving money on the table.

Since many online marketers are fighting for their placement on search engine results, SEO campaign competition is becoming fiercer. Having a listing on the search engines nowadays is tougher than before. Therefore, you need to implement several factors that are crucial to get you ahead of the competition and attain your spot on Google, the most famous search engine around.

Original Content

The first step to a Google’s first listing is by providing good original content. With the rise of easily accessible information on the Internet, duplicating has become inevitable. Fortunately, the search engines are keen when it comes to the quality of content.

Low-quality content or those simply copied from various websites are penalised by Google by giving it a low page rank (more about that later) thus, decreasing its chance to appear on the first listing. So before everything else in your SEO campaign, make sure your content is good and original. The result will then be worthwhile.


Arguably, this is the most important on-page SEO campaign factor. Search engines rank a website based on the keywords it optimises for and there are specific rules that come with it.

You’ll find many discussions on the Internet about keywords; where to place it, how to use it in moderation, etc, however to wrap it up, here are the proven elements in your site where your keyword should be found and how to use it to get the best results.

Title Tag

The keyword you are optimising for should be included on the title tag. For example, if you are targeting the keyword ‘SEO campaign’, you could use the title ‘How to Manage an SEO Campaign’. This shows how the keyword is highly relevant to your content and consequently, will earn you a high listing on the search engines.

Keyword Density

Search engines do not approve of too little keywords nor does it approve “keyword stuffing” or too much keyword in your content. The only way to go about this is by using it sparingly.

The most recommended keyword density is 1% or simply put, for every 100 words in your content, your keyword should only appear once. Anything beyond that will call for a penalty. This is how search engines maintain their integrity and avoid spam websites.

Anchor Links

Very recently, Google has announced that they are adding anchor links to the search results. This brings an advantage to your site. Add your keywords to your anchor links as well.

However still, as with the keyword density, it should also be used in moderation to avoid being regarded as a spam site.So much for the on-site factors, now let’s move on to the next crucially important factor which is the Off-page SEO.

Successful SEO Campaign
Successful SEO Campaign

Crucial Off-page SEO Campaign Factors

Now you’ve done the necessary things within your site. However before we get to the outside part, you first need to educate yourself about Google’s Page Rank and why it’s significant to your ranking.

Google evaluates the importance of a website through the incoming links. The weighing of the incoming links are based on how much there is as well as its quality. Therefore higher quality and quantity of incoming links are important in contributing a higher search engine listing.

There are also important factors that come into play with an SEO campaign, like your internal links in addition to the number of pages you have within your site. However, still most importantly, you need to focus on the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

Build lots of non reciprocal links

Quantity plays an important role for incoming links to take an effect on a certain website. You should then build lots of them. There are many ways to do this. Article submissions, blog commenting and forum posting are some.

Get links from good and trustworthy sites

It’s not enough to just build lots and lots of backlinks in your SEO campaign. You should also be mindful of their quality. For example, having an article that’s linking back to your site posted on ezinearticles.com is better than having it posted on various unknown article directories with very low

Watch for quality

Remember that the quantity and quality needs to be balanced. Too much low quality sites linking back to your site won’t make any difference. The same goes when you only have one or two quality backlinks. So this should be the primary goal of your SEO campaign when working “outside” of your own website.

Final words

To sum up, a successful SEO campaign is effective in having a website visited and in turn gives the online marketer the chance of utilising those visits however he wants whether it’s to build a customer base or just simply have his insights read and possibly appreciated.

These are the basic factors to keep in mind in SEO and putting it into action will gain anyone the advantages in producing positive outcomes to their sites and businesses in general.

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