What is the AIDA Formula? (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Attraction)

What is the AIDA Formula? (Attention, Interest, Desire & Attraction)

In case you are not aware of it, you should know that it is a widely used technique in the field of marketing as well as advertising. This article is going to act as an ultimate guide to the AIDA formula for you.

The expanded form of the AIDA has already been mentioned in the title of this article as you have read it. Here, we will talk about some more details, utilities, and other complexities. This model has a well-defined pathway starting from getting a person familiar with it and then finally converting them into customers.

Initially, it was used as help by the advertising platforms in order to increase the engagement of the target audience. A lot of things need to be done in order to get a person from being merely aware of the brand to ultimately make the final decision.

The AIDA model is very useful in giving you some idea about the number of tasks you have to do in the middle of that process. Let us have a look at the brief introduction to this formula before we go on discussing some deeper concepts.

An introduction to the AIDA formula in brief

The AIDA formula is not something new and it has been in the market for quite a long time. Along with being in the market, this formula has also given some significant results. That is the reason why most marketers trust this formula.

Whether it be digital marketing, other forms of online or offline advertising strategies, the AIDA formula performs well. This formula was formed after Elias St. Elmo Lewis wrote a column about specific advertising principles in 1898.

This column appeared in one of the then most popular magazines in the US. AIDA was born as a result of this idea. Now you have known much about the basics of this formula, it is time to take a closer look at it.


The first A of this formula stands for Attention and it is the first step involved in this process. Almost all the advertisements are done to get the attention of the people. Once you get their attention, you will have enough time to describe the other things as well.

Getting proper attention from the people is quite a tough task as it requires you to be aware of the passions and problems of the customers. That piece of information will help you a lot in getting the attention of your target audience. Once your content grabs the attention of the users, it will make them curious to know about your brand.


Getting someone’s attention for a few moments is not all when it comes to the benefits of attention. A good advertiser needs to hold the attention of the people for some moment. And you can’t hold the attention of people without a proper reason for that.

If you are talking about the problem of an individual, you need to talk about the impacts of that problem and other vital issues. Discussing such vital points will help you in holding the attention of the people and this attention will eventually convert into interest.

The more personally you discuss problems and their impacts, the more interested will be your target audience. At this point in time, you need to explain the problem and its impacts in a very personal way. When your explanation shows an obvious solution to your target audience, they are more likely to invest their efforts in your business.


Now you have come to one of the most significant steps of the AIDA formula. It is the stage where you offer the exact solution to your customers. As they have shown their interest in your services/product, it is time for you to take a step further in getting them towards your business.

Now you have to explain the direct and indirect benefits your customers will get from your product/services.

The benefits of your products/services have no meaning to the people if it doesn’t fulfil their needs in the way they want. If you offer services, you can use pictures to show the before and after-effects of the service.

It gives people an overview of the quality of service. Improvement in lifestyle is the main reason behind the introduction of a product/service. Your expressions should be able to convince people about how their lives will be transformed.


Now you are in the final stage of this process. It is often called attraction or action. At this point in time, you have almost persuaded people towards them. It is time for them to make the final decision.

Those who are involved in the sales may ask the target audience to purchase your product or service. Some of the best ways to do it are by offering the product/service with a bonus or discount or even by offering it for a limited time.

When you are advertising through a website, you must include a buy button at this point. It will let people buy things right from there without scrolling further.

The importance of AIDA in the modern world

The AIDA formula has become quite an important thing to opt for in this modern-day world. Opting for an efficient strategy saves your time and makes this process an efficient one for you.

In this world when a large number of companies are doing the same thing, you need to be extra careful and efficient to get ahead of them. The AIDA formula can be of great help for you in this case. But there are some prerequisites whenever you start applying such formulae.

In order to succeed in the process of advertising, you need precise information about the behaviour and preference of your target customers.

If you miss out on this point, you will end up advertising your product/service in the wrong place. Such a choice will never breed better results and you will have to suffer loss in that case.

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