46 Top Australian Web Directories to Get Listed On

46 Top Australian Web Directories to Get Listed On

The business scenario around the world went through a massive transformation over the last couple of years. The way conventional business infrastructure shifted online is just unimaginable but it is equally beneficial for businesses, as well as customers.

There are several things you can do online when it comes to getting the attention of more people. The web directories have significant potential for you in this case. Let us start talking about what these directories are before listing the best Australian web directories.

What are these web directories and why are they helpful?

You may think of web directories as a handmade list of websites. As the search engines have billions of websites, a web directory tries to bring order when it comes to ease the efforts of finding suitable websites.

Unlike search engines where we find websites with the help of keywords, web directories provide us with a list of links that are categorised based on their common features. The results you obtain from web directories are more personal as compared to the search engines that are far more diverse.

Web directories are more precise because every link is updated by a person. There is a person working who picks a website and includes it in the suitable category based on the subject.

As the owner is well aware of the way the directory works, he/she might choose to allow other website owners to add their websites to the directory. Getting your website listed in web directories comes with several benefits.

Increases your local visibility

The majority of web searches are about something people are looking for in their locality. Web directories provide you with advanced filters for facilitating local searches. As a result of that, your website is easily accessible for all the searches ending with the near me phrase coming from your locality.

Enhance the rank of your website on the search engines

SEO is the technique that lets websites become more relevant to the searches. SEO takes a bit of time to give results. Getting listed on web directories will help you a lot in achieving a better rank on the search engine.

This is simply because Google and other search engines consider web directories as a trusted source of information. Suppose your business is listed in one of the best Australian web directories, your website has more chances of appearing in the search results associated with local searches.

Business directories have the ability to deliver you the benefits of the already-established SEO of the major search engines.

Strengthens your overall online presence

When your website is going up in terms of rank and the people nearby are able to search you easily. Both these features are going to promote the overall online presence of your business. And this is exactly what you want when it comes to succeeding in the online world.

Boosts your brand awareness and helps your business get discovered easily

For this, we have to explain the way a person uses web directories. Suppose you are searching for something in a business directory, you will get snapshots of entities related to your search. So, even if a visitor doesn’t click on the popping snapshot, he/she will see it and become aware of it.

And the businesses that are listed in the web directories get tremendous benefits from this feature. The businesses listed here are visible to everyone who is searching for something similar. This way, you are increasing the chances of getting business from those visitors.

Now you know the way these web directories help your business to get discovered by people easily even though they were not looking for you initially. You will be able to make the most out of this feature only if all the details about your business are up to date. Missing out on updating your business properly is going to disappoint your target customers.

Provides a quick and effective way to interact with your local customers

Being listed in business directories doesn’t mean your business will get discovered only. Since the contact information and other essential information are easily available in the directories, the local customers will connect with you very easily.

As a result of that, you can get their feedback and other valuable information very easily. The majority of business directories offer a feature to rate the businesses. With better ratings available alongside your business information, you will be able to gain the attention of new customers.

Top Australian web directories list

You are well aware of web directories, the benefits of getting listed there, the right way to choose a perfect web directory, etc. We have come up with a list of the best Australian web directories well-suited for your business.

Australian Web Directory Domain Rating
www.atozpages.com.au/ 36
www.aussie-hours.com/ 29
www.aussieweb.com.au 59
www.australianplanet.com 54
www.australiaonlineadvertising.com.au 36
www.bloo.com.au/ 38
www.businesslistingnow.com 37
www.businesslistings.net.au 63
www.clickblue.com.au/ 26
www.comeonaussie.com 39
www.cylex.com.au 39
www.directory.com.au/ 53
www.dizylocal.com.au/ 21
www.dlook.com.au/ 74
www.findlocal.com.au 18
www.findservice.com.au/ 29
www.flyingsolo.com.au/directory/ 69
www.freedirectory.com.au/ 20
www.ghanpages.com.au/ 14
www.goguide.com.au 42
www.hipages.com.au/ 78
www.hotfrog.com.au/ 71
www.livepages.com.au 31
www.local.com.au 45
www.localbd.com.au 46
www.localbusinessguide.com.au/ 52
www.localdirectories.com.au 44
www.localsearch.com.au 83
www.nationaldirectory.com.au/ 45
www.nearfinderau.com/ 48
www.oneflare.com.au/ 76
www.ozbusiness.com.au 39
www.ozebiz.com.au/ 40
www.pinkpages.com.au 53
www.purelocal.com.au 47
www.savvysme.com.au 51
www.searchfrog.com.au 38
www.searchmylocal.com.au/ 29
www.startlocal.com.au/ 64
www.street-directory.com.au 59
www.superpages.com.au/ 52
www.truelocal.com.au/ 81
www.womo.com.au 72
www.yellowbook.com.au 32
www.yellowpages.com.au/ 83
www.yelp.com.au/ 78

Things to care about while choosing the right web directory for your business

There are some factors worth considering when you choose a web directory for your business as every web directory is not equally beneficial for your business. Here are some features worth considering in this case. Let us have a look at them.

Domain Rating

This is an arbitrary score from professional SEO software tool, Ahrefs, on the search engine effectiveness of the directory. The higher the number in the above list, the better.


Several features combine together to make a good quality web directory and you have to consider those essential features. First, have a thorough look at the way the website works. Check if it is user-friendly and mobile-friendly, in particular.

Gather information about the way content is updated on this website and the scope of improvements in the future. The internet is the most dynamic place right now. Things keep on changing quite rapidly. A perfect place to list your business must have enough room for making required changes in the future.


Some Australian web directories cost money for a listing, and others offer listings for free. Many have a combination of both; where the premium listing is paid, but it appears first in categories and may come with extra features.

Final thoughts

We hope this article helped you a lot in learning about web directories and finding the best Australian web directories for your business.

Australian web directories hold a lot of potential when it comes to online businesses. Making the right use of such resources should be your priority for success.

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