What Is Remarketing and How It Works

What Is Remarketing and How It Works

As a regular user of the internet, you must have felt sometimes that you are being followed by specific advertisements. Suppose you are looking for running shoes and you open your browser, check out the websites of some best companies and then leave them without making a final choice.

After that, you start browsing the internet for other purposes. Then, you will start seeing advertisements from the websites that you visited earlier. Those tiny advertisement spaces on your website will start displaying several shoes and other related things. This technique is called Remarketing.

Until now, we have described the way remarketing appears to a normal user. But we are going to take a closer look at it in the later sections of this article. Throughout this article, we will try to answer questions like what is remarketing and several others. 

So, how do we define the term remarketing?

Basically, remarketing is a technique used to reach audiences who have already visited your website. It is used to display targeted advertisements only to those people who have already visited your website.

Due to these reasons, remarketing is considered as a very effective means to promote your brand among the target audience. The persons who have already visited your website must have some interest in your brand. Such an important piece of information is vital to reach the target audience. 

How does it work?

You must have got some idea about what is remarketing, it is time to take a look at the other aspects. Here, we are going to talk about the way remarketing works. Cookies play a very important role in the process of remarketing.

The cookies store some vital data except the sensitive data about the persons who visit your website. And then the activity of that person is tracked in order to display appropriate advertisements. 

These cookies are placed in the browser of users using a special tag of JavaScript called Pixel. Once the cookies are placed there, the remarketing platforms start getting information about the target audience and the remarketing campaign is initiated.

Activities of the persons visiting your website will be tracked from now on. And then personalized advertisements will be played based on the behavior of these users. 

Types of remarketing

You have known a lot more than just what is remarketing so far. It is done in many ways, so we will talk about all the major types of remarketing here. Broadly, it is done in 5 main ways and they are:

  1. Remarketing lists for search Ads
  2. Standard remarketing
  3. Email remarketing
  4. Dynamic remarketing
  5. Video remarketing.

Let us give you an overview of all these types.

Remarketing lists for search ads

RSLA is the most commonly used term to represent it, so don’t get confused. It is a special type of remarketing offered by Google. And it is very effective in modifying your search ad campaigns for all those who have visited your website in the past. 

RSLA is very effectively used for those who leave your website and then start looking for other options on Google. 

Standard remarketing

It is the most common form of remarketing and it is very widely used. Here, advertisements are displayed to those users who have visited your websites. The ads will be displayed to them after they start visiting other websites. 

In case someone uses the Google search engine to look for products that you offer, standard remarketing can be used to target them. 

Email marketing

Email remarketing is done in two ways. One way to do it is by targeting the audiences who have opened an email from your firm. While the other way involves using the follow-up email of the customers who have visited your website. 

Dynamic remarketing

It is a type of remarketing where advertisements are displayed to the users in the most personalised way possible. In this case, the advertisements are displayed based on the browsing behavior of those visitors.

Specific ad messages are sent to all the target audiences in this case. Suppose you run an e-commerce website. Then you find that a customer adds some items to his cart and then removes those items.

Dynamic remarketing will enable you to send personalised messages to that person including details of the items he removed. 

Video remarketing

This way of remarketing is done mostly on video streaming platforms. And the remarketing ads are displayed to the viewers of your videos. You must have seen a lot of ads like this on YouTube.

It has emerged as one of the most popular remarketing techniques because a large number of internet users are now engaged on YouTube. 

How to gather data for remarketing campaigns?

Since you know what is remarketing and other essentials, you might want to get started with it. Take a look at some of the most efficient ways to collect data for initiating your process of remarketing. 

Cookie-based remarketing

It is the most common type through which data is collected about the target audience. A JavaScript code called pixel is used here. If someone lands on your website, pixel will attach a cookie to that visitor and you will get further information about him/her. 

List-based remarketing

It involves the use of a list where you list down the email addresses of your existing customers or visitors to your website. This is a very simple but effective approach to remarketing. Once you make the email mailing list, you just have to upload it on a remarketing platform and then everyone on the list will start getting emails. 

Final words

We hope this article taught you a lot more than just what is remarketing? It is a technique worth trying if you want to get more attention. No matter how skilled you are in digital marketing or remarketing, authenticity is of prime importance.

If you are producing something that doesn’t stand up to the expectations of customers, remarketing and other such advertising techniques won’t benefit you much in the long run. 

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