What is remarketing advertising?

What Is Remarketing and How It Can Benefit Your Business

It seems that tracking someone in real life is an offensive activity but something very similar happens to almost all the users on the internet. Users are always tracked to some extent based on the website they are using.

Remarketing is a technique used in digital marketing which helps businesses advertise their products or services precisely to users. Let us take a look at the fundamentals in case you don’t know what is remarketing. 

Remarketing in brief

In the field of digital marketing, remarketing is a technique used to serve advertisements to people who have already visited your website. It enables your company to work in a way that seems like your company is following people who have visited your website.

It has become quite a common practice nowadays when it comes to providing personalised ads to certain users. 

The need for remarketing in the modern day world

The technique of advertising something to those who have visited your website benefits you along with the audience. There are three major benefits of doing it on both sides, let us have a look at them. 

  • A large number of remarketing tools and platforms are available right now. You can use many of them altogether to target almost every possible person whom you consider a target audience. 
  • The Return on Investment is quite high from remarketing. A large number of businesses have been able to increase their revenue as a result of remarketing. 
  • Users are often annoyed by the unwanted ads they see while browsing the internet. With remarketing, businesses let their customers to see personalised and relevant advertisements only. Thus the user experience is highly enhanced due to the use of remarketing. 

How does it work?

You must have got some idea about what is remarketing? Be with us patiently as we dive a bit deeper into this topic. Now you have known enough about the fundamentals, let us discuss the working of remarketing.

When you visit a business website, you might have seen a pop-up asking you to accept cookies. After accepting this request, you are permitting that website to include you in their remarketing process. 

Cookies play a very important role here. Cookies contain a few lines of code used to track the visitors to your website. When someone visits your website, this anonymous cookie is dropped in the user’s browser and this cookie starts storing some pieces of information about that user excluding every form of sensitive information.

After a few moments, that user may leave your site and browse other websites on the internet. Now, the cookies will give your information about which site he/she visits from now on. It helps you to know about the tastes and preferences of those users. 

Types of remarketing

Knowing what is remarketing is not enough so, we are now talking about types of remarketing. There are several types and you need to know about them in order to use them properly. Let us discuss it without further delay. 

Social media re-marketing

Most internet users are very much active on social media platforms. You can target the users who use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If such users visit your website, you can use appropriate social media re-marketing techniques to target those users. 

Display remarketing

The sites complying with Google AdSense get several advertisements displayed on their website. Display remarketing makes use of this Google display ad network to display the ads on those networks. 

Video retargeting

There is a specific way to show videos/pre-roll videos on YouTube, Google, or social media platforms. You can use video remarketing to display ads in the form of videos to the target users who have visited your website. 

Customer list remarketing

It is a very effective and efficient way of remarketing. Here, you first collect contact information from the users if they are willing to do so. You will be able to upload these vital pieces of information with the help of social media remarketing or Google Adwords remarketing.

After this, if those users sign in to Google, you can show them relevant ads. You can do the same in case they log in to any popular social media platforms. 

How does remarketing help you increase the rate of conversion?

You have got answers to a lot more questions apart from what is remarketing. At this point in time, it is important for you to take a look at the way retargeting helps you increase conversions. Users are normally aware of several brands.

But there are some really strong reasons that prohibit the users from making the final decision. Here are some of the most common obstacles:

  • Your target audience is not entirely convinced about choosing your products or services. 
  • They might want to do more research because they are not sure whether they need your products/services.
  • They want to do more research on your brand but they are busy enough to spend time on it. 

There are other ways to increase your conversion rate. And there are hundreds of other reasons that may hinder them from being your customer. And you can remind them, convince them, at regular intervals. It will not only make save their time but also help you in getting more customers.

Remarketing helps businesses to enhance the level of awareness about your product. 

Remarketing banner advertising examples
Remarketing banner advertising examples (Source)

Some useful tips to help you with remarketing

You have come a long way beyond the very basic concepts of remarketing now. At this point in time, you have got familiar with almost all the fundamentals and why it can benefit businesses and brands. Here, we are listing a few tips to help you get started. 

Try different ad platforms and formats

A wide range of platforms are available on the internet and people are engaged on them. In order to reach a large number of your target audience, you have to try as many platforms as possible.

Design your ads for different platforms on the internet and implement them. After that, you will be able to find out which one works the best. 

Keep your current customers engaged

Your existing customers are the most loyal ones. No matter how much effort you are putting into persuading new customers, don’t let your focus fade away from the existing customers.

Notify the existing customers about your latest and upcoming products/services. Advertising discounts is another way to keep these customers attached to your brand. 

Final thoughts

We have tried to answer questions like what is remarketing and several other questions. Making the right use of it will require you to do some research on user behaviour and other complex things.

We trust that this guide has helped you in getting started with this type of advertising. 

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