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6 Ways to Make Educated Choices About Hot Water Cylinders

It can be easy to become confused about what constitutes great brands of hot water cylinders for homeowners.

One advertisement can quickly alter community perceptions, but like any other significant long-term investment for the home, the best approach is for shoppers to educate themselves about best practices.

There are four distinct models that will be available on the market for constituents: electric, gas, heat pump and solar.

What will work well for one home won’t necessarily be the case for another depending on their infrastructure or their budget.

This is when it is time to take stock of 6 key methods that will help to enlighten and educate consumers about buying these domestic assets.


1) Brand Awareness

One of the most intangibles that shoppers judge hot water cylinders is through brand awareness. In other words, does the business name ring any bells? Do they promote their product range on television, across websites, on social media or via radio or newspaper spots? Have they been used before for an older model? Do friends or family members use their services? There will be a natural barrier for residents who have no reference point in this industry and while that should not prevent them from earning business, it can be a struggle to invest in an unknown quantity.


2) Online Reception

Rather than taking these preconceptions on face value, there are some strategies that can put these opinions to the test with hot water cylinders. Outlets in this industry will be ranked, reviewed and critiqued by their customers online and this is data that is open and free for public consumption. See how they perform out of 5 stars and what other consumers say about their involvement with the business.


3) Personal Referrals

One of the most effective methods that homeowners can use to make themselves educated on hot water cylinders is speaking to people they trust about their experiences. Were they satisfied for price? Did the company offer multiple solutions? Was the installation effective? Poke and prod for responses to gather as much detail on a local level as possible.


4) Customer Service

From the pricing to the installation and the ongoing maintenance and servicing for hot water cylinders, business in this industry have to be viewed through the prism of customer service. It will be indicative of the resources they allocate to their team members, how experienced their representatives are with the technology, their response rate, ability to adhere to strict scheduling deadlines and capacity to fix and replace where necessary.


5) Energy Efficiency Rating

In order for hot water cylinders to provide real value for money, they have to reach a certain life expectancy. One of the ways in which they achieve this milestone is by operating through an efficient energy rating, utilising as little energy as possible while offering the required output of hot water for the household. These goods are independently judged on this count with a star rating system, so no one will be left in any doubt about their credentials on this count.


6) Warranty Policy

Of all the mechanisms that provide protections for cylinders of this nature, it is the terms and conditions listed on a warranty agreement that becomes key. These measures can be listed for as little as 12-24 months or can extend upwards of 10 years depending on the brand and the design. That extra longevity can make all of the difference and provide genuine peace of mind for homeowners who want that protection.


Nothing is ever guaranteed when heading out into the open market, but for consumers who have done their research with hot water cylinders, they will be well placed to take advantage of a great system. It is a timely exercise on the surface but it is this type of diligence that will pay off in the long run.